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Tuxedo hydrangeas

A great new introduction, Tuxedo® hydrangeas are a stunning range of mophead Hydrangeas, with deep-purple flushed foliage. Compact in habit, they are a perfect long flowering plant happy to be left inside while they flower, or planted outside in a pot or the garden.

Free flowering, very compact mounding bush with dark purple leaves, they are very different from most other modern hydrangeas. Perfect as a flowering houseplant, but if you wish to plant outside after they have finished blooming, they can delight you for years to come. They make perfect landscape plants for shady areas of the garden or where they receive filtered light.

Key Features

  • Dramatic container or garden plant.
  • Large heads of clustered dramatic mophead flowers covering the whole bush, in a range of colors
  • Large glossy dark purple leaves
  • Compact and bushy with a rounded / mounding growth habit

Suggested Uses

Perfect as a potted gift, or on the deck as a patio plant (from mid Spring onwards). If planting in the garden, will survive in zones 6 and above.

Growth Habit

Compact and bushy with a rounded / mounding habit.

Mature Height

Grows to 3 feet tall.

Mature Width

Grows to 3 feet wide.


Plant 18 inches apart.


Cold hardy to zone 6.

Flowering Period

As a house plant, 3-4 weeks inside; in the garden, 3-4 months from Summer to first frost.

Number of Flowers

Masses of mophead flower clusters covering the plant throughout Summer.

Flower Color

Available in Red, Pink and Blush.


Not fragrant.


Deciduous plant with medium-sized rich dark green leaves.


Not necessary but can prune to shape after flowering if required.

Light Needs

Shade to part shade for best performance, but will tolerate some sun, preferably morning sun.

Soil Needs

Performs best in friable, well-drained soil high in organic matter with a pH of 6.5 to maximize the red coloration of the open flowers.

Water Needs

Water well to establish, requires less water when established but soil should be kept moist for best performance.


Feed with a general purpose fertilizer before growth occurs in the Spring.

Disease Tolerance

No different than other varieties, well grown plants have minimal issues. If insects or mildew become an issue, check with best sprays from your local nursery. We have had these plants in our trials for 3 years and have not had any issues that have required any attention.

Pest Issues

Similar pest tolerance to other varieties.



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