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Rock & Roll alstroemeria

Rock and Roll® alstroemeria's variegated foliage is striking enough but when it comes into flower, the effect is astonishing. The foliage is a distinctive yellow fading to white with a green edge, while the flowers are a brilliant red. This dramatic color combination - the green, white and red - make Alstroemeria Rock and Roll® ideal as an occasion plant for Christmas and an attractive long lasting specimen as a cut flower. Alstroemeria Rock and Roll® flowers from Spring right through until early Autumn providing a sensational eye catching display of flowers and foliage that stand out in any surrounding.

Key Features

  • Eye-catching foliage opening yellow, fading to white with a deep green edge
  • Masses of dark red flowers borne on contrasting white stems
  • Repeat flowering from spring to late autumn
  • Long lasting cut flower
  • Compact and clump forming
  • Part shade to full sun
  • Hardy to USDA zone 8b

Suggested Uses

Mass plant in the home garden or in decorative containers. Ideal as a potted gift in spring / summer or as a Christmas present. Ideal long lasting cut flower.

Growth Habit

Compact, bushy and clump forming from underground shoots.

Flower Size

2 to 2.5 inches

Mature Height

2.5 to 3ft.

Mature Width

approx 2 ft.


just under 2ft spacing.


zone 8b

Flowering Period

Spring with continuous flowering to late Fall

Number Of Flowers

Masses of stems each with 6-12 individual flowers.

Flower Color

Dark red.




Variegated green and yellow, with the yellow ageing to pure white.


PULLING new or spent flower stems out from the base actually increases more flower stems. In late Winter, can cut the plant to ground level to promote new vigorous growth and flowers

Light Needs

Full sun to part shade.

Soil Needs

Free draining friable soil, will perform best with plenty of organic matter incorporated.

Water Needs

Average to moist, not boggy or very dry.


Moderate requirements, a slow release fertilizer in spring and again in late summer is ideal.

Disease Tolerance

No specific diseases.

Pest Issues

Susceptible to snails and slugs.

Special Care

Protect in very cold climates with heavy frosts. Has shown to be able tolerate temperatures over 105 deg F in our trial gardens in full sun, however appreciates some shade if available.

Botanical Name

Alstroemeria hybrid

Varietal/Cultivar Name



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