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Pacific coprosmas

The most striking and distinct of all coprosmas.   These PACIFIC™ coprosmas are a real showCoprosma Pacific Sunset in nature strip.JPG stopper once established, both in the garden or landscapes.   Growing ultimately to around 3 feet in height, they have an upright and mounding habit.  These coprosmas provide year round lush, glossy and very interesting colorful foliage.

They make a perfect hedging plant and prefer to be trimmed and shaped like any buxus hedge,  but of course with lots more interest and color.  Here is Pacific™ Sunset planted in a nature strip together with Nandina domestica.

Lush, vigorous and truly stunning, they are a true head turner and can be planted out any time of the year with literally absolute minimum care.

Perfectly suited to the Californian Climate from San Francisco to San Diego.

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