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Flower Carpet WHITE

Flower Carpet® WHITE is considered by many to be the most disease-resistant white rose available. One of the earliest Flower Carpet roses to bloom in Spring, it has a pleasant fragrance and a notable ability to retain beautiful, snowy white flowers for the entire life of the flowers, even after exposure to rain.

Flower Carpet® WHITE has excellent disease-resistance to common rose blights such as black spot and mildew - developed over a 25-year period by Noack Rosen, the German rose-breeders known for their early commitment to disease-resistant hybrids.

This is a genuinely easy-care groundcover rose ideal for both home gardeners and professional landscapers. Simple to grow and easy to maintain, it doesn't require spraying.

imple to grow and easy to maintain, without any spraying or even fancy pruning.  All you need is a pair of garden shears and  then cut back,  any-way-which-way,  to 1/3rd of the bush size in late winter/early spring and you're done.  NO GUESSING, NO WORRYING,  NO KIDDING.

And during the long flowering season, this rose will self-clean so that there's no need for fancy pruning or deadheading.

Key Features

  • Masses of white blooms that retain their color
  • Delightfully fragrant
  • After blooming, rose petals fall to the ground in a 'snow' effect
  • Glossy green foliage
  • Disease-tolerant
  • Easy-care
  • NO fancy pruning.   
  • Suitable in USDA zones 5-9

FC White in garden.jpg

Suggested Uses

Use in flowerbeds, mass plantings, large containers, hanging baskets, and as tree roses. A perfect commercial landscaping plant for low-maintenance color.

Growth Habit

Bushes are low, dense and compact. More compact than the other Flower Carpet groundcover roses.

Growth Pattern

To invigorate blooming once plants are established, cut canes back to 10-inches annually in late winter or early spring.

Plant Size

14 to 24 inches in height, 36 inches across (spread).

Flower Size

Medium-large size (about 2 - 2½ inches across).

Planting and Spacing

Plant 2-3 per square yard, for ground cover. For a stunning display plant 12-15 per 3 square yards. Plant 3-4 feet apart to establish boundaries.


Will thrive in USDA zones 5 to 9 and in the cooler areas of the garden into zone 10.  In cold zones, protect over the first winter.  In zones 5 and below, continued winter protection is advised.  In areas of intense heat (for example Phoenix, AZ), protect by planting in semi-shade.

Flowering Period

Once established, will bloom from late Spring to Fall in flowering ‘flushes’ of 3+ weeks that will come and go throughout the season with lighter blooms in between.  Flower lifespan is 2-3 days.

Flower Color

Soft white, stays clean and pure even after rains.


Fresh sweet rose fragrance


Dark glossy green, medium sized leaves.  Can remain evergreen in USDA zones 8b and above.


No fancy pruning needed. Cut back by 2/3rds annually in late winter or early spring. Trim to shape anytime of year, if desired. The bush is self-cleaning with few rose hips, no dead-heading required, petals fall away cleanly.

Light Needs

For best bloom, grow in full sun. Grows well in partial shade (4-5 hours of sun per day) with reduced blooms. In areas of intense heat and sun, semi-shade/filtered light.

Soil Needs

Can thrive in a variety of soil conditions. Performs best in well-drained friable garden soil with added organic matter.

Water Needs

When planting in the landscape, water in well particularly during hot conditions and continue to water regularly until the plant is established. Flower Carpet roses are very tolerant of dry conditions once established.


For maximum flowering and performance, feed with a balanced rose food. It is best not to feed roses in fall and winter as extra nutrients then will force new growth and increase the chances of cold-damage over winter. In warm climates (USDA zones 8 and up): feed in early spring and late summer. In cold climates (USDA zones 5 - 7): feed in spring and summer.

Disease Tolerance

Very tolerant of common rose blights such as black spot and mildew. It does not require routine chemical spraying in the landscape, apply only if needed.

Pest Issues

Treat for insect pests only as needed.

Special Care

In zones 5 and below winter protection is advised, especially in first winter.


Rosa var. 'Immensee' x var. 'Margaret Merrill'.

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