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Baby Grand magnolia

Magnolia Baby Grand® is compact and evergreen.  Golden brown velvety buds open to show these beautiful fragrant creamy white flowers in Spring. The dark green glossy foliage and its growth habit makes it ideal as a hedge, or in a series of large planters.  Flowers readily from a young plant.

Key Features

  • Compact and bushy growth habit - 10ft after 12 years
  • Fragrant creamy white flowers in spring
  • Large dark green glossy evergreen foliage
  • Ideal as a hedge, in planters or specimen shrub
  • Suitable in USDA zones 8-11

Suggested Uses

Hedging, ornamental specimen, topiary, screening and privacy.

Growth Habit

Compact and bushy habit.

Flower Size

5 inch diameter.

Mature Height

10 ft.  after 12 years

Mature Width

7 ft.  after 12 years


Plant 5 ft apart to create a hedge and up to 7 ft apart for a looser screen.


Hardy in USDA zones 8 - 11. (has been growing in University of Georgia for several years,  zone 7b)

Flowering Period

Flowers from March to May.

Number Of Flowers

Free flowering.

Flower Color

Creamy white flowers.


Lightly fragrant.


Dense dark green glossy evergreen foliage.  Rosette shaped and opening wider than most of magnolias of same but taller type, provides a great looking bush appearance overall.


Trim to shape after flowering, can be trained to single leader or trimmed as a bush, hedge, topiary or espalier.

Light Needs

Will tolerate full sun to partial shade.

Soil Needs

Performs well in a range of soil types, but prefers well worked friable soils; avoid very heavy water logged conditions.

Water Needs

Performs best when given moderate moisture levels over summer, but can handle drier conditions once established. Occasional deep watering recommended.


In a garden situation, feed annually after flowering with a general fertilizer. In a container feed in spring and autumn with a slow release fertilizer.

Disease Tolerance

Not susceptible to diseases.

Pest Issues

No major pest issues.

Special Care

Performs best with good drainage and don't let dry out completely when establishing.

Varietal/Cultivar Name


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