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Plant videos

Want to know some more?  These informative and "how to"  videos bring lots of the plants and information to life.   Click and enjoy.

If you are a Garden Retailer and wish to have copies of any of these videos for your own in store presentations,  just contact Judie and she will arrange to send you what you are looking for.


Easy to Care For, Long Lasting Plants in Your Garden

Growing Wisdom garden videos is re-visiting previous plantings to check in on how plants are performing. Dave Epstein follows up on Tropicanna cannas and Flower Carpet roses. link

Petal to the Metal - container gardening

Adding metal into your landscape might just give you the look you are going for. Plus you can't beat adding Tesselaar plants (such as Cordyline Festival Burgundy and the Tropicanna Cannas) into any container garden. link