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who are we

Anthony Tesselaar Plants is an International Plant Project Management Company working in over 15 different countries around the world: creating marketing strategies and implementing them is our business.

Our head office sits in 8 Hectares (20 acres) of gardens and trial testing areas in Silvan, just over an hour's drive east from central Melbourne, in the mountain ranges in the state of Victoria, Australia.

We operate within a lateral management structure - our highly skilled team of people are supported by an international group of focused outsourced firms and individuals; strategically positioned on four continents around the globe. In particular…

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Anthony & Sheryl Tesselaar and Phillip Townshend

Anthony Tesselaar - President & Co-Founder - has the benefit of three generations of family immersed in horticulture, beginning his career with the family business in 1965. Later using his marketing and promotion expertise, he developed an innovative model for the sourcing and marketing of truly wonderful plants, which was put to the test with the release of Flower Carpet® roses in 1992. Based on the outstanding success which followed worldwide, in 1994 he and his wife Sheryl established Anthony Tesselaar International. Since then, other plants and products have been added to the group. Anthony continues to provide vision and impetus for the business, overseeing all aspects of his company’s growth, to help bring colorful, easy-care environmental friendly plants and water saving products to the world.

Sheryl D. Tesselaar - Co-Founder - has worked closely with Anthony in realising their dream of making Anthony Tesselaar International a world leader in introducing distinctively different new plants into the market. Sheryl has over thirty years experience in horticultural and retail sales, providing an independent overview to ensure the company remains focused on its long-term goals and objectives.

Phillip Townshend - Global Operations Director and Partner - has responsibility for the development of the business on four different continents, something which calls on his excellent project management skills, from managerial, communication, follow-through and the ability to handle a multitude of issues all at the one time. Coming from a family that has been involved in flower wholesaling gave him a good grounding in the plant world. More recently, his 20 years in the Navy helped develop outstanding communication skills on ensuring "delivering what you promise".

distinctively different and environmentally friendly

We travel extensively continually searching the world looking for plants that are brilliant, environmentally friendly and easy to grow with a minimum of fuss. We then make them readily available for everyone to enjoy - home gardeners, landscapers and horticulturists everywhere.

Making this possible means dealing with only the best plant breeders worldwide. Once we have selected a plant that shows these extraordinary traits, it is then extensively tested. Our trial sites are in Australia, the United States, France, Germany, Ireland, the Netherlands and New Zealand, and only after a plant has been through these various trials, is it entrusted to our grower network. This network of growers - people who share our values of professionalism and quality - then grow the plant locally,  ready to be delivered to their local garden and landscape outlets.

searching the world for distinctively different plants

And that's just for starters. Yes, our business is about searching the world for wonderful plants that are colorful, environmentally friendly and easy to grow with a minimum of fuss. You'd think that alone would keep us busy, but we also put a massive amount of effort into making sure our plants are as good as we say they are.

We have trial gardens around the globe, and we carry out research and development in areas such as flowering ability, disease tolerance, easy care (meaning no fancy maintenance) overall look of the plant/bush, low water use and identifying plants which grow well with less chemicals.

It is normally 5 to 7 years after we first see a new plant to do our trialing and testing before we think about it becoming available onto the market. It's not about new (which is nice), but they have to be good...AND proven!

Underpinning all this is a personal philosophy, based on strong ethical practices and professionalism. It's a straightforward approach driven by a simple aim - finding exceptional plants that are colorful, best in class and so easy to grow, and then bringing them to market. Enjoy!