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Tropicanna canna

This is the most striking of all cannas, thanks to its exotic foliage.

Tropicanna® flowers are equally gorgeous - a great garden backdrop or hero pot specimen.   Once the soil warms up in Spring,  they quickly grow to produce a stunning exotic tropical look that helps bring life to your garden over summer.  

There is no canna like the Tropicanna® canna.  See the three Tropicanna colors listing below

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TROPchicago (2).jpg Tropicanna in pots - Ted Holloway-web.jpg

    Tropicanna growing happily on Michigan Ave,  Chicago                                                   Photo  by Ted Holloway©

Tropicanna Black Flower Monrovia (2).JPG 0906 - Tropicanna Gold Flower1.JPG Tropicanna_CU_Flower..JPG

How to Build the Perfect Container Garden featuring Tropicanna canna

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