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Sweet Spot Calypso

You’ll fall in love with Sweet Spot®, The Decorator Rose® - a whole new breed of roses in a kaleidoscope of colors, with masses of multi-colored blooms like you’ve never seen before! Sweet Spot® roses will be the heart of your garden, patio or landscaping.


  Calypso Wicker Deck - pot focus-mail.jpgSweet Spot Calypso in Pot.jpg

Key Features

  • Beautiful bicolor pinkish red and yellow flower with a pink/red spot in the center
  • Compact shrub, lush green foliage and lots of blooms
  • Rich flowering and ideal rose for decorating around your home
  • Hardy to USDA zone 5


Suggested Uses  - In containers around the house, on the deck or in groups in the garden

Growth Habit  -  Compact shrub - approx 20 inches wide x 24 inches high

Where to plant  - Place in a sunny position, preferable with morning sun if possible.

Spacing  - Plant 20-24 inches apart

Watering  -  Roses are best watered at ground level, not over the leaves

Flowering Period  -  Long and nearly continual flowering (mid spring to early fall)

Flower Color  -  Bicolor pinkish red and yellow flower with a pink/red spot in the center

Flower Size   -  2 -3 inches in diameter

Fragrance  -  No fragrance

Foliage  -  Dark green leaves, young shoots are red

Sweet Spot rose_Girl.jpg


Like all roses,  a little extra care is required for best results.    A rose-care spray on a regular basis ensures maximum flowering, growth and enjoyment and minimises the risk of traditional rose problems.    

HINT #1:   Roses prefer a fertilizer with less nitrogen (N) and more Potash (K) where the numbers of the N:P:K are something similar to 11:5:9 [The (N) provides nitrogen and quick growth, but too much of this above Potash (K) makes the plant more susceptible to disease. The Potash in this balance helps flowering and hardens the plant. 

Because of the continual flowering,  a handful of slow release fertilizer with trace elements ensures great flowering in spring and again in summer is ideal.

HINT #2: Check with your local nursery outlet for the best rose spray to use in your area to keep your plants in prime condition.



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