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Sweet Spot roses

An astonishingly lovely and very different rose, the Sweet Spot® rose, has made rose history. And that’s because it is not a Tea Rose, not a Floribunda, and not a rose from any other existing rose category created during the last 200 years…

These new Sweet Spot roses are part of the new The Decorator Rose® category.  They are a very distinct and different group of roses that are compact in shape and size, and are so very free flowering that we have not seen them without flowers in our trial gardens from spring till autumn.   These will be ultimately available in a whole kaleidoscope of different colours that you can use to readily decorate around your house.  (See some more of these colours that will ultimately be coming available, above).

General rose care required to get the maximum colour and blooming.   See care notes below.

Sweet Spot -girl watering - web.jpg Sweet Spot yellow-white bush for Web.JPG

Masses of colourful blooms, lush green foliage and the easy care attributes make these Sweet Spot® roses ideal for decorating anywhere around the garden, deck or patio.  (Yes, no fancy pruning either,  just trim back with shears to half size each year in late autumn or early spring and that's all the pruning it takes.  In spring they will again burst forth to help decorate your surroundings)


Colors Available

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