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Pacific Sunset

Coprosma Pacific™ Sunset is a striking evergreen plant growing to 3ft high with a glossy wave shaped leaf consisting of a vivid red center set against a burgundy/chocolate brown margin. Stunning for pots or the garden and works well in mass plantings with the color most intense in Spring & Fall. It grows best in a well drained soil and prefers full sun to partial shade.    A true head turner.

Key Features Coprosma - Pacific Sunset close up.jpg

  • Vivid red center set against burgundy/chocolate brown margin
  • Lush glossy foliage
  • Upright mounding habit
  • Color intensifies as temperatures get cooler
  • So easy to grow
  • Cold tolerance: down to 23°F (USDA zone 9)

Suggested Uses - Spectacular in pots or garden.  Can be used as a low hedging plant

Growth Habit  - Mounded / Upright growth habit

Mature size  -  3ft high and wide

Spacing  -  1.5ft apart

Pruning / pinching  -  A yearly light pruning as required to shape creates a beautiful denser plant.

Light  -  Full sun to partial shade

Soil  -  Well drained,  will also tolerate coastal conditions

Water - low to moderate water required

Fertilizer  -  Handful of slow release fertilizer before spring

Special Care  -  Not required

Botanical name  Coprosma repens




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