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Strawberries & Cream

The GIFT HYDRANGEA - Strawberries & Cream® - is a lacecap Hydrangea with a difference - it has stunning dark rosy-red flowers offset with a center having a cluster of lacy white flushed pink buds.

Free flowering and very compact in habit, the rose-red blooms are beautifully offset by the rich dark green foliage. Welcome it into your home as a flowering houseplant.

Easy to care for, just keep well watered (normally a glass of water every two days) and place anywhere around the house where you wish to enjoy their color.

Lady in Red_POT  web.jpg


Key Features

  • Early spring color
  • Brightens up any room 
  • Dramatic strawberry red flowers with white flushed-pink buds in the center
  • Vibrant glossy dark green leaves
  • Easy to care for
  • No fancy requirements


After flowering...

These GIFT HYDRANGEAS are specially grown over winter in a greenhouse and are prepared and grown to provide you these summer colors during the early spring indoors.  Once finished flowering inside, they can be moved outdoors onto the patio, but it is recommended to wait until the average night time temperature reaches 60 degrees. If planting out in the garden, it is often best in mid summer with partial shade when the plant has been outside for a while and hardened to the outside climate.  These are not cold hardy varieties and would only try planting out in the garden if you wish in areas of Zone 7 and above.

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