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Bonfire begonias

Bonfire® begonias series are smothered in an eye-catching profusion of exotic brightly colored flowers over a neat, spreading, bushy plant.

The open pendulous blooms, which cover up to half of the plant, are held above the attractive foliage which has serrated edges highlighted by a red margin.  This sensationally colored plant can grow up to 18 inches in diameter.

Bonfire is extremely versatile and requires very little maintenance. It can be grown in sun to partial shade and it blooms profusely from spring right through until autumn or early frosts.

Weather is no issue for this very colorful and adaptable plant.  Wet summers, no problem,  Bonfire stays robust and colorful.  Or if you live in warmer climates and have forgotten to water your pots,  no problem either.  Where most other plants would not come back,  re water Bonfire and the plant quickly rebounds.

Bonfire begonia is suited to the outdoors: in the garden, in containers, on the patio, or cascading from hanging baskets. (Does not like wet boggy areas in the garden, needs good drainage)

More colors coming soon....


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