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frequently asked questions

One of the secrets of happy gardening is to ask when you’re not sure about something.

Here we give you a list of the questions we’re most often asked, about gardening in general and about our plants in particular.

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storm agapanthus

 cold - how well does Storm Agapanthus deal with frost?

These agapanthus are tough and will grow almost everywhere but they are sensitive to severe frosts. If your garden is affected, consider growing them in containers and bringing them inside as houseplants in winter. Another option is to move them where they’ll have some protection from the frost.

 feeding - is it necessary?

Storm Agapanthus are known for performing very well in difficult conditions and often are just left without any extra attention. That said, all plants need some fertilizer to perform at peak levels. Add a handful of general fertilizer to the soil where you are planting them and give 1-2 gallons of water to help them settle in.   Once established, giving a handful of general fertilizer will encourage more flowers.

 fire - can Storm Agapanthus be used as a fire-retardant border?

Yes, the succulent foliage will not burn and so rows of closely planted agapanthus will act as a 'fire-break'.

 pests and disease - are they an issue?

Agapanthus are not prone to disease in the landscape and they have no major pest issues.

 pots or garden beds - which is better?

Both are good as Storm grows well in both in the ground and in large containers. Be sure to select pots that are 12 inches or larger (30 cm) and remember container-grown plants depend on you to give them the water and fertilizer they need; plants grown in the ground are more forgiving.

 shade - how much will Storm Agapanthus tolerate?

Storm agapanthus will grow in most light conditions. They do flower best in full sun but they will also flower, though in reduced numbers, in partial shade. Fertilize regularly in the shade to compensate for reduced light.

 size - how big will these agapanthus grow?

Mature plants (at 18 months) will reach a plant height of 12-15 inches (70 - 75cm ) - Flower stems to 18 inches (45cm).  Plant width is around 20 inches (60cm). Each plant has dense leaves arranged in a tuft or freestanding basal clusters cluster, each leaf being narrow and strap-like, measuring on average 14 inches long by half an inch wide (35 x 1.2cm). 

 water - how much do these agapanthus need?

Once established in the landscape, agapanthus are tolerant of both wet and dry conditions and have proved to be an ideal landscape plant for drier warm areas. They are an ideal flowering plant for dry gardens.