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frequently asked questions

One of the secrets of happy gardening is to ask when you’re not sure about something.

Here we give you a list of the questions we’re most often asked, about gardening in general and about our plants in particular.

If after reading through these answers you have any further questions, just click here to ask us directly

flower carpet roses

 disease tolerance - does this mean Flower Carpet Roses are immune?

These roses are among the most disease resistant roses ever bred - but they aren't invincible. They may develop black spot or mildew if a plant is in stress, however well-cared for Flower Carpet Roses will be robust and healthy.

 feeding - must I?

We see these roses thriving with little care but really, they do need feeding simply because they produce so many flowers.

It’s easy to do, use a balanced rose food in early spring and late summer (your garden center will help), and the result will be maximum flowering and performance. In areas with severe frosts or snow, it's best not to feed roses in autumn and winter, as this tends to force new growth and increase the chances of cold-damage over winter. And if you forget to fertilize, they will cope.

 heat and cold - what do they tolerate?

Flower Carpet Roses are very tough and will grow anywhere. If you have severe frosts and snow in winter, protect the plant with mulch during the first winter. If you plan to grow these roses where the sun scorches and the heat is intense, choose a site with some shade.

 massed planting - how do I plant them into a solid mass effect?

Flower Carpet Roses are very useful where big areas of low maintenance color are needed. To plant them en masse in the landscape, prepare the area removing weeds.

Spread out your plants allowing 3- 4 plants per square yard (1m2). Dig a hole adding a handful of fertilizer for each and plant them into the ground. Water well, then mulch between the plants to reduce future weeding. 

 pests - how do I deal with them?

Flower Carpet Roses are robust plants but can be attacked by pests such as Japanese beetles and aphids, but this is much less likely if the plant is kept in good health through regular feeding and watering. If you do have an infestation, treat with insecticidal soap (ask for advice at your local garden center).

 pots or garden beds - which is better?

Both are good as Flower Carpet Roses grow well in flower beds, large containers, even hanging baskets.

Just remember container-grown plants depend on you to give them the water and fertilizer they need; plants grown in the ground are more forgiving and provide easier care and more flowering as well.

 pruning - what do I do?

The great news with Flower Carpet roses is they don't need any fancy pruning - just cut them back to 10 inches (25cm) once a year in late winter or early spring, then watch them grow with their new lush foliage, and moutains of flowers beginning in late spring till late fall.

And if you want to shape them, you can do this anytime with the hedge shears. Just clip, clip, clip to whatever shape and size you wish.   

 size - how big will a Flower Carpet rose grow?

The plant's mature height will be 2 - 3 feet (60 - 80 cm), and around 3 feet (1m) wide with a yearly clip back.

If you are planting these roses to form a barrier, space them 2 feet (60 cm) apart. For a ground cover, be sure to allow 3 - 4 plants per square yard (1m2).

However we have seen plants that have received no care, no pruning and after 4-5 years grown into a round ball of 4-5ft high and wide just covered in masses of blooms throughout late spring and summer.

 sun - must they have full sunlight?

For the best flowers it's a good idea to plant these roses in full sun. And if you don't have the option of full sun, don't despair as Flower Carpet Roses will also grow well in partial shade (4 to 5 hours of sun per day), though you will have fewer flowers. Feed them a little more to compensate for less light.

 water - how much?

We recommend regular watering when you first plant your Flower Carpet roses to help them establish strong roots.

The second year, a good watering once or twice a week is sufficient.  

Once established, Flower Carpet roses are very drought tolerant and can grow and flower when most other plants struggle.