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frequently asked questions

One of the secrets of happy gardening is to ask when you’re not sure about something.

Here we give you a list of the questions we’re most often asked, about gardening in general and about our plants in particular.

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festival cordyline

 cold - does it grow well in colder districts?

This cordyline will survive moderate frost. In areas with conditions colder than this, grow Festival Cordyline in pots which can be brought indoors in winter.

 food and water - how and how much?

This cordyline is happy with low to moderate watering. In spring give it some controlled release fertilizer (look for the ratio 20:8:12 on the label).

 massed planting - how do I plant them into a solid mass effect?

Because this cordyline is clump-forming and a dwarf variety, it's very useful planted en masse in the landscape. Prepare the area you will be planting so that there are no weeds. Spread out your plants so that they are about 2 feet (60cm) apart, then dig a hole for each and plant them into the ground. Water well, then mulch between the plants to reduce weeding.

 textured foliage - what does this mean?

Festival cordyline’s spikey foliage (and it’s distinct color) makes it an ideal accent plant. The texture of its foliage is useful when planted among other branching foliaged plants (such as lavender) because it adds focal points to a mixed-border-style planting scheme.

 shade - will it tolerate it?

Festival Cordyline thrives and maintains its brilliant foliage color in full sun.  It will tolerate some shade, but the brighter the position the better its color will be.

 size - how big will this cordyline grow?

The individual leaves on mature plants are three feet long (1 m), but the weeping nature of the plant means that its actual height is only 2.5 feet (80cm). The base from which the leaves emerge will eventually be about 1.5 feet (45cm) across while the plant's width, from leaf tip to leaf tip, will reach 4 feet (120cm).