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frequently asked questions

One of the secrets of happy gardening is to ask when you’re not sure about something.

Here we give you a list of the questions we’re most often asked, about gardening in general and about our plants in particular.

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border dianellas

 feeding and watering - what do I do?

Water when the soil is dry; these dianellas tolerate dry conditions well. When it comes to fertilising, well fed plants look their best. Use a controlled release fertiliser (look for the ratio 20:12:16 on the label), in spring and again in late summer.

 massed planting - how do I plant them into a solid mass effect?

Prepare the area you will be planting them into so that there are no weeds. Spread out your plants so that they are a foot (30cm) apart, then dig a hole for each and plant them into the ground. Water well, then mulch between the plants to reduce weeding.

 pots - will these dianellas grow in pots?

Yes you can grow these in pots. As with all container-grown plants, regularly provide them with water and fertiliser. 

 reddish patches - what are they?

Neither Border Gold or Silver are prone to any major pest or disease. However, occasionally if conditions become very humid, rust can develop on the foliage. The best solution is to trim off and destroy the affected leaves. Other options include spraying with a fungicide (ask for advice at your garden centre).

 size - how big will Border Dianella grow?

The Border Gold and Silver do differ slightly in mature size, a point worth noting if you are spacing them in a large planting and want to exclude weeds. The Border Gold will reach a height of two feet (60cm) and a width of two to two and half feet (60 to 80cm), while Border Silver will grow to one and a half feet (45cm) high and three feet (90cm) wide.