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frequently asked questions

One of the secrets of happy gardening is to ask when you’re not sure about something.

Here we give you a list of the questions we’re most often asked, about gardening in general and about our plants in particular.

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begonia bonfire

 fertilizer - what’s a simple way to do this?

In Spring, give it some controlled release fertilizer specially designed to boost flower production - your local garden center can help you choose which one - the instructions for use will be on the pack. Expect the brilliant red-orange flowers from Spring through Summer and on into Autumn until the cold weather arrives. 

 frost - how does Begonia Bonfire cope?

This plant can be left growing in the ground in mildly frosty areas though they will die back before re-emerging in spring to grow back to their former glory.

 indoors - will Begonia Bonfire grow as a house plant?

Bonfire is a striking indoor specimen plant - in a container or as a hanging basket. As with all container-grown plants, regularly provide them with water and fertilizer.

 problems - what can go wrong?

Happily, not a great deal if you keep the following in mind. If your begonia is growing in heavy soils that stay wet, or you overwater your plant, there is a chance the stems could begin to rot from fungal diseases. Grow Begonia Bonfire in light crumbly soil, or quality potting mix in a pot, and you won't have a problem. After two to three years, if the centre of the plant looks as though it's suffering die-back, simply divide and replant the younger tubers. 

 pruning - why and how?

Pruning helps your Begonia Bonfire to stay thick and bushy. It’s easy to do - just pinch or snip off the growth tips and this will stimulate extra branches to form, filling in your plant.

 size - how big will Begonia Bonfire grow?

This begonia forms a neat bush which, once mature, will reach 12 inches high and two feet across (30cm x 60cm). Space it at a little less than two foot (50cm) intervals if planting more than one into the garden and the aim is to have the mounds blend together. 


 sunlight and water - how much does it need?

Begonia Bonfire is one of those adaptable plants which is happy both in full sunshine through to part shade. What you may notice is that plants growing in shadier locations have a flatter more spreading growth habit, and the flowers they produce may be smaller. In the wild, this plant grows in a forest, so it prefers to be kept moist but not waterlogged.