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Research & development

"It's a fantastic feeling when we find a plant which passes all the tests. Most people wouldn't appreciate the years that it takes, or the fact that having walked along miles of different varieties, we may only choose to trial two or three. And if after all that, we find something which outperforms everything else, we all become very excited." - Anthony Tesselaar.

This is the basis of Anthony Tesselaar Plants. Following leads about prospective plants, a short list is drawn up before Anthony and his team of experts set off around the world to assess potential in the flesh. It's a search for plants that are beautiful, easy-care and disease tolerant. These have to be exceptional plants for large landscape projects, or highlights in your own garden. They all have to grow extremely well with an absolute minimum of fuss and care - hence the Anthony Tesselaar philosophy, making gardening easy.

0509 - Original planting of Drought Trials. (1) (Large).JPG  Trial gardens 0701 - web (4) (Large).jpg

Testing drought tolerance and stress levels of plants under scientifically controlled conditions. 14 months difference


Following each plant-finding tour - and these happen several times a year - the chosen few are grown on and monitored in the trial beds of breeders, and in one or more of the Anthony Tesselaar Plants' trial gardens located around the world.

In effect, this means that information is gathered from across the United States, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. This data - which shows how a plant performs under conditions of both optimum and base care, and in many different climates - is collected and analyzed. Only those plants which perform to the set of standards defined by Anthony Tesselaar Plants are selected for release to the public; and it's this process of selection, trial and marketing which has built Tesselaar's reputation as leaders in their field, within the ornamental horticultural industry worldwide.

"By the time we have something special to launch, five years may easily have passed and this doesn't even take into account the years which have already been devoted by the breeders themselves. That's what makes a launch so special."