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In February 2015 Tesselaar Plants celebrate their 20th Anniversary of introducing new and distinctively different plants.  It all started with the Flower Carpet® series of groundcover roses, which now has sold over 75 million throughout the world.  

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When the Flower Carpet rose arrived twenty years ago, it was to a frenzy of discussion.  Apart from its beauty,  it claimed to be many things:  flowering through summer, in sun through to part shade, no dead-heading necessary, and it was happy to grow across an impressive range of temperature zones.  But that wasn't had unprecedented resistance to disease to the point where there was no need for spraying.  It was billed as the easy-to-grow environmentally friendly rose, and in the twenty years since,  this has been proven to be true each time someone takes one home to plant.

The sensation caused by the release of the Flower Carpet rose is easy to understand.  From the home gardener's viewpoint, it was bullet proof.  It grew quickly into a mass of green that thumbed its nose at the trilogy of rose complaints - black spot, powdery mildew and rust.   There was no need to head out to prune it with a book in one hand and a set of tools in the other.   This was a tolerant, forgiving rose.  A couple of whacks with a set of hedge clippers would do the trick very nicely, and come spring, it would be smothered in blooms and stay covered with them, whether you remembered to feed it or not.

But there's more to the Flower Carpet story than just the rose.   Two men stood behind it - Werner Noack and Anthony Tesselaar - both well ahead of their time.  Werner Noack brought the rose into being.  A German breeder of roses, he produced the original Flower Carpet rose,  and laid the foundation for the other Flower Carpet roses that followed. 

Anthony Tesselaar then brought the rose to the world, but not in any traditional way.   He was the first to develop a total package to brand a plant on an International scale.  Was the first to use a Pink pot, the first to supply a fertiliser packet with each plant, use a folded information label/booklet,  the first to use a patented stake that clipped to the pot to hold the label and the first to develop a long term strategy to manage a 20 year life cycle for a branded plant.  Good plants require good management.   

Clearly the recipe was a good one: the time was right and the rose was appreciated.  The rest is history.  Flower Carpet - in ten different colours - is now grown around the world by home gardeners and landscapers alike, because it continues to perform the same as it did when it was first introduced.

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 We're Celebrating too...

For twenty years, Anthony Tesselaar Plants has offered the world the best new plant releases.  We have been on the constant look-out for truly surprising plants,  and during this time we have tested each likely candidate exhaustively to make sure it performed as we had expected.  This can take anywhere from 3-7 years..  It all began with the Flower Carpet ground cover rose and there have been many plants over those 20 years.  Only the best have emerged as being the quality offerings we know so well.

When Tropicanna® canna emerged it was (and still is) an absolute sensation in canna foliage color.  Storm™ agapanthus offered us many, many more flowers than had ever been seen on these plants before.  The Rock & Roll® alstroemeria is not only a visual feast with its variegated foliage and hot flowers,  but its heat tolerance continues to push the known limits.  And then there are the Jury magnolias like Black Tulip,  Burgundy Star and Felix - each an extraordinary example of the plant breeder's skill and patience which produced these easily grown garden focal points.

Yes it's certainly been a wonderful, exciting and successful twenty years, and we have an extended group of talented people who share our values to thank for it.  There is no doubt that the Anthony Tesselaar team values the relationships it has built during this time,  with its carefully selected group of breeders and growers.


So it's time to celebrate,  not simply the twenty years just past, but the years to come and the wonderful secrets of new plants we currently have in the pipeline...